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Are You A Business Owner, Sales Manager Or Sales Professional Who Is:

Being Outsold by Your Competitors?

Frustrated by Inconsistent Results?

Have Sales Slipping Through The Cracks?

Uninspired or Leading an Uninspired Team?

Finding it Hard to Create a Great, Consistent Customer Experience?

Convinced You Can do Better But Not Sure How?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, keep reading!

What If You Could Transform Your Lead Conversions in Just 3 Hours, for FREE.
Would you do it?

In just 3 hours, you’ll learn no less than 49 specific strategies that have the power to transform your results by 1 percent each. It might not sound like a lot but the compounded results of those 49 small changes add up to an incredible impact on your bottom line. Any small business can use this free sales training to kick-start a revolution in customer experience, selling strategies and results!

Next Level Selling Is Probably the Best Sales Training Program in the World..

“At one stage I was struggling to make sales and my attitude and energy levels were not good. I was spending a lot of time trying to find out the reason why. However, after a single training session with Adrian, I arrived at work the next day with a spring in my step and started selling again that very day. The guidance and support I received undeniably helped me become a more focused salesperson with the results to back it up.”

Wade, General Manager
South Australia

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The 2 Biggest Challenges That Owners Face And How to Easily Overcome Them

Do You Want Amazing Sales Results That Will Change The Future Of Your Business??

Join leading sales and lead conversion optimization specialist Adrian Law for a content-rich, 3-hour sales training session that will give you the plan to transform your sales systems, strategies and outcomes.

Adrian has trained over 150,000 sales representatives, managers, and business owners from companies all over the world, showing them the secrets to ‘stay hungry’, deliver an incredible customer experience, and deliver next-level sales success.

This event is completely free and 100% online so you can watch it from anywhere. Register to attend without having to worry about travel or even taking too much time out of work.

This three-hour session is content-rich so come ready to listen, learn and take notes!
Here are just some of the topics this amazing free training covers:

You'll Discover...

Effective Phone and Internet Strategies

How to Get 3 Extra Sales Today

How to Engage Your Customers

How to Easily Lead Your Prospect to a Fixed
Appointment or Sale

“I was earning €2,000 per project. I’m now commanding €20,000!!”


“After going through online training, my closing rate went from 1 in 4 to 1 in 3. That's a 25% increase in Sales!!”

Rob Dicker
You'll Discover...

How to Use The Power of Digital Body Language

How to Get Instant Rapport, Digitally

Why You Must Adapt Your Behaviour In The Sales Process And Exactly How to Do It

The Ultimate Strategy on How to Improve Your customer Experience

You'll Discover..

Why You Must Differentiate Your Customer Experience

How to Stand Out When Most Blend in

Why You Must Map Out Your Customer’s Journey & What to do to Make it Remarkable

Why One Size Doesn't Fit All

“Adrian is my Secret Weapon!”


“We saw sudden changes in our results straight away. My team are qualifying better and the training’s made their job easier to get a yes instead of a no at the end of the sales process.”

You'll Discover...

What Data You Must Have to Run a Successful Sales Department

The One Strategy That Will Save You Big $$$

How Keeping This One Stat Helped a Sales Professional Smash His Target For The Very First Time

The One Question That Makes Your Marketing 100% Effective

You'll Discover...

The Secret to Having Job Fulfillment

Why Most Don't Have it And How to Turn That Around

The One Question That Gives You a Dedicated and Loyal Employee

The 2 Biggest Challenges Most Business Owners Face And How to Easily Overcome Both

“I finished 2nd in my entire company for sales last year. I don’t think that would have been possible without the training. In sales.

It can be really tough to keep focused and the training has really helped me with my mindset.”


“I can see the growth in my team and the growth in the business. It’s definitely worth the investment for any business. My team likes it, I like it and I highly recommend it. it’s a fantastic program.”

You'll Discover...

How To Keep Your Team Motivated

If Your Not Motivated Here’s Why

How to Get Motivated Whenever You Need to

The Hidden Secret of The Very Best Performers in the World

Free Sales Training (Valued At $497)

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You'll Discover...

Internal vs External Training. (What You MUST Do As a Minimum)

150,000 Salespeople Don’t Lie

What Works & What Doesn’t

Online V's Face to Face Training. Which is The Most Effective?

“I feel much more motivated and it’s really helped me with the negotiation process.” 


“I sold 224 cars last year which was my biggest year in over 25 years of selling. Closing sales was also made a lot easier. The training would be of a great benefit and worth a lot of money to any business that implements it and works it properly.”

You'll Discover...

What Makes Up a Great Sales Process

Understanding Customer 3.0

Signpost Mastery

Conscious Consulting

Understanding How You Listen

Selling With Value Not Price

The No 1 Strategy To Get Your Team to Always Ask For The Business

You'll Discover...

The Art of Effective Follow Up

The 3 Keys to Improve Your Follow Up Conversions by 50%

How to be Remembered in a Ocean of Other Sales Professionals

What The Top 1% of Sales People Don't Want You to Know

“This training has literally changed my life! After going through the online training, I sold 11 cars in 12 days! I've been selling cars for just one year. Last month on the 10th of the month I was only on 2 sales and have been struggling, in general, to get close to my target. At the same time of the month, my colleagues were all on 6 or 7 sales. I went back to the online training and watched the ‘4 Buyer Types' video. This really helped me adapt to the customers that are different from me. I used to walk away from these prospects as I didn't believe I could sell them a car. This training has literally changed my life. I'm now using these new skills with my wife, my friends and now I understand where they are coming from.”


“I know that Adrian monitors the performance from day one of the new staff and revels in their success. He will always take extra one on one time with a person who might be struggling. We enjoy a very high success rate with our people and I believe much of this is down to Adrian's training methods and style.”

You'll Discover...

Leadership Mastery

How to Truly Know if You Are Worth Following

Understanding Your Limits

What You Have to do Daily

You'll Discover...

How to Double Your Repeats and Referrals

Why 95% of Referral Strategies Don't Work

The 3 Must Do's to Get Great Referrals

The Very Best (And Cheapest) Referral Strategy

“The bottom line of what has happened to me since Adrian has been coaching me is nothing short of miraculous. Adrian started coaching me at the end of June when I was earning a maximum of $300 per day. By the end of July, my income had doubled and by September, it had more than tripled and is still growing!”

“I have been earning up to $1500 per day which, when I met Adrian, I would have laughed if anyone had said this would be happening.”


Having worked with Adrian over a number of years I can highly recommend his services to anyone looking to grow their business.

Nick M
You'll Discover...

Leadership Mastery

How to Truly Know if You Are Worth Following

Understanding Your Limits

What You Have to do Daily

You'll Discover...

How to Double Your Repeats and Referrals

Why 95% of Referral Strategies Don't Work

The 3 Must Do's to Get Great Referrals

The Very Best (And Cheapest) Referral Strategy

From experience, I can tell you that Adrian will help you sell better and sell more.

Nathan Groves

Still Not Convinced?

Check out this calculator...

Would you like to make an extra $265,000 in sales? It’s not only possible, it’s really easy. All you need to do is make small changes, like some that you’ll learn in the 49 One Percenters training. Because when you do, your sales and profit transform.

Try it for yourself and see the results

Current Income

No. of new customers per month

% Increase of customers

Increased Value per sale

Increased Frequency of sale

New Income

You Won’t Find This Free Sales Training Anywhere Else

Conversion Optimization Specialist Adrian Law has spent years understanding the secrets to selling success and helping individuals and teams from small businesses to major brands apply his principles. With this training, you’ll gain access to tools that, when applied, will help your business improve revenue almost instantly.

You can expect a huge amount of relevant, easy to apply content that you can start leveraging straight away. Join over 150,000 other professionals and start converting more leads with less stress. Build repeat business by delivering a consistent, exceptional customer experience that puts you way ahead of your competition.

Free Sales Training (Valued At $497)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many things make Next Level Selling different. Here’s 3 for starters – The program itself is very unique compared to other sales training companies. Then there’s the structure of the program and how it’s designed to cause you and your team to follow through and implement what you’ve learnt. Next would be the fantastic value you receive for such a low investment. No other sales training company that we know of, does this or can do it.

When you consider that the CEO and Founder of Next Level Selling, Adrian Law has successfully trained over 150,000 professionals. You are in very good hands.

Also, spend a moment looking at our success stories and you’ll see a multitude of examples where business owners, managers and sales people have created huge improvements by applying what they’ve learnt.

Many have doubled or even tripled their profits. 

Because of our track record, we’re confident that Next Level Selling offers massive value for anyone involved in sales, who’s open to new ideas, and who’s willing to roll their sleeves up and implement the ideas they’re exposed to in the program.

So, if you’re tired of constantly struggling and failing to get the results you deserve, Next Level Selling is the fast way to break-through, and create meaningful, ongoing sales success.

Absolutely!  Our experience shows us there’s no one involved in sales that we can’t help.

While we recognise everyone’s business and situations is different, we know there are core issues common to all. Challenges such as keeping your staff motivated, not letting so many leads fall through the cracks, converting more of the leads you do get and getting better results via internet enquiries are issues that affect everyone.

Yes it is. Many people we work with have either run their business for many years or been in sales for a long time too, but they recognise they need to adopt to new ideas to keep their business and mind vibrant and growing.

They’re also looking for ways to leverage their time (and that of their team) and they’re hungry to learn ways to do this – all of which Next Level Selling offers.

Whilst we’d love to help absolutely everybody and there are many benefits to starting your business on the right foot. We don’t usually recommend that you go through the Next Level Selling program at this time.

If you are super keen to join the program, we’d be happy to have a conversation to fully understand your own circumstances and to see if the program will be a good fit for you or not.

Please reach us on – 61 290162805 or  Support@NextLevelSelling.com.au

There three levels of membership, and you can save money by paying a one-off annual fee, or you can spread your payments across the year by paying monthly.

Call us on – 61 290162805 or E-mail us at support@NextLevelSelling.com.au, and a member of the Next Level Selling team will be in touch

Yes we do. You can choose to go on a monthly payment plan.

If you are using the knowledge to help improve your sales or business, then the likely answer is yes!  

We still recommend that you speak with your accountant.

Yes! We’ve worked with many people overseas and depending on what level you join the program at, 80-100% of it is online, so can therefore be accessed from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. 

If you want to come to the two, in person trainings per year then you are more than welcome. If that’s not possible, then these events will be recorded and you’ll be able to view the entire training in your own time via video.

From over 20 years experience we know when members actively participate in our programs, and implement the ideas and strategies they gain, they create powerful and sustained improvements in both their sales and business.

So we know our program works.

But at the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you step up and take the actions you learn about to create meaningful change in your

And because making this happen is ultimately in your hands, we do not offer a money back guarantee.

However from the moment you join, you do start to reap the rewards. You receive a personal call from a Next Level Selling consultant who will help you clarify the current challenges you face and the goals you’d like to achieve. They will also help you identify how you can get some quick wins to start creating the transformations you’re seeking.

You also gain immediate access to our library – from training videos, templates, sales scripts and webinar recordings.

This means from Day One, you have access to all our intellectual property, which you are free to share with other members of staff on your team.

There is untold value in this information – and you can begin to apply the insights and tools straight away.

And because this is all available to you from the very start, it is not possible for us to offer a money back guarantee.

Before applying to join Next Level Selling, we recommend you seriously consider if you are prepared to put in the work required to go to the next level. If you’re ready to step up and apply what you’ll learn, we’re confident you’ll fast track your success.

Many people we’ve trained have made significant improvements to their profits and income within the first year, and these improvements are often compounded in the years that follow.

Next Level Selling will assist you to create a solid, sales foundation, just like a big, beautiful tree. That continues to bear fruits for you, fruits of more sales, more profit and happier customers. 

Therefore, the skies the limit with how much money you can make. It really depends on how much of what you learn in the program you implement.

The reason for this is that it takes 12 months to learn and implement all the ideas you’ll learn in for your sales business. Unfortunately there is no magic wand we can wave. However you’ll find results start coming your way incrementally when you commit a few hours each week to implementing what you learn.

You can, of course, fast track your results by outsourcing or getting your team to help with the implementation.

Our experience shows that 12 months is a reasonable time frame to achieve many significant wins, and to see a transformation in your sales results and lifestyle too!

Congratulations! You’re about to begin a journey that will not only transform your sales business, but also your life.

We look forward to getting to know you personally and shining a light on what’s possible for you to achieve.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to know more about the different membership levels, please speak with a Next Level Selling consultant.

You can complete an application online. To access Click Here 

Free Sales Training (Valued At $497)

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