About Us

We believe that small business is the single biggest driving force behind our global economy. Whilst some industries have done well, due to COVID-19 and some other very important factors, so many businesses have either gone under or are doing things tough.

After 20+ years of successfully training mostly corporates and bigger businesses, the global pandemic made us realise that life is too precious and short.

Therefore, we made the decision to finally work with the businesses who need us the most, and the businesses who we really want to work with. That is progressive thinking small business owners.

Now, more than ever, consumers are more weary of where they spend their hard earned cash, and when they go to purchase a product or service, they are looking for a premium customer experience. If they don’t get it, the studies show they either don’t buy, or even if they do, the vast majority won’t buy from the same business ever again.

That is, from their very first contact with your business, whether that be in person, via the phone or online, right through to the purchase, the after sales follow up and well beyond. Most people are now wanting to do business with businesses that can provide next level service and a consistency in all future dealings.

sales training and coaching

The challenge is that most small businesses only talk a great service

But what most provide ranges from ‘average’ to ‘unacceptable’ and even when it’s good, it’s rarely consistent. Where most small businesses and sales people go wrong is on activities such as; getting back to customers and following up on enquiries promptly, having an effective sales process that’s followed and effective post sale follow up.

sales training and coaching

There’s plenty more areas for improvement but most are hungry to make the next sale yet neglect the key components that actually provide more sales, more repeat & referral business, and ultimately more profit.

Influence, sales and the customer experience has been our fascination and passion for a long, long time. Therefore we see it everywhere we go.

The frustration we’ve experienced in dealing with many small businesses has grown and grown. To the point where we had to do something about it before more businesses go out of business. And this is why Next Level Selling was finally born.

Ever since our founder and CEO, Adrian Law worked as a door to door salesman during his backpacking days, and then as a telemarketer. This was over 25 years ago, but It was here that he started learning about the psychology of selling, the importance of a good sales process and the rewards that came with looking after his customers properly.

Once he got into management, over time he also discovered the core components of what makes a great team and how to get the best out of each of them

It’s interesting to note that Adrian really struggled at first and was only just above average in his sales performance, compared to his peers. It frustrated him greatly and so many nights were spent in solitude, thinking about quitting sales.

It wasn’t until he read the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ that a new spark emerged inside him.

The author, Napoleon Hill made it his life’s work to study the wealthiest people of that time, and he discovered that there were various principles that all of the wealthiest people he studied had in common.

sales training and coaching

Adrian realised that the same had to be true in sales so finally he learnt to surround himself with the best sales person in the company he worked for.

He wasn’t the fastest learner but having the insight and initiative to find the right coaching and mentoring, plus his unwavering tenacity, Adrian’s results improved and he never went back.

Once the strong foundation was formed, Adrian went on to excel in sales and customer satisfaction. He’s won awards, gained promotions and got to train his own teams to achieve similar success.

Whilst he learned to love selling, he realised early on that he could only achieve so much success on his own, but helping others to succeed in sales and management was limitless and he loved doing it even more.

So much so that he took a role, firstly as a National Sales Manager for a water purification company, and then worked with the Automotive Training Institute.

It was inevitable that Adrian would eventually go out on his own, and in the summer of 2004 he set up his first training business and has now successfully trained over 150,000 business owners, managers, and sales professionals worldwide.

sales training and coaching

Adrian is also a real family man, with his son Levi, his daughter Madison, and Frankie the dog 🙂

sales training and coaching

Adrian is the author of the best selling, positive psychology book ‘I Need to Change a Couple of Things’ and was the only coach in the southern hemisphere, invited to be part of the US documentary ‘The Power of Coaching.’

This also starred Brian Tracy and John Asaraaf from ‘The Secret.’

Since Adrian started out in both sales and management, the customers expectations and the expectations of employees have continually grown and continue to grow.

To make the necessary improvements in your own business, he’s learned that it’s not enough for you to simply put your focus on selling more or making the experience you provide for your customers better.

To improve the number of customers you have, increase the value per transaction, and increase the frequency of the sales you make, the philosophy and processes required need to be part of the DNA of your business.

Adrian has designed Next Level Selling’s signature program from the ground up to address all of these areas, so you too can get the results, and have the life that you truly deserve.

sales training and coaching

Next Level Selling's transformational program provides you with all of the tools, strategies and support you need, for you to increase your sales quickly, whilst working closely with you and your team to make sure you deliver a consistent ‘Premium Customer Experience’ whilst growing your repeat & referral business and profit exponentially.

Adrian is committed to helping as many small businesses as he can over the next 10 years, to improve both the level of sales and customer experience they provide and to increase the profits of the businesses they work with.

As we stated earlier, small business plays a massive part in the world economy as we know it.

We want to improve the quality of the part that us small businesses play, so our customers stay loyal to each of us and they spread positivity about ourselves, about you and all the valued & fortunate clients we serve.