Why Us

There are other sales training companies out there but Next Level Selling is truly unique in 10 key ways.

These differences are designed to ensure that you get the maximum value from our program so you achieve substantial improvements in your sales results, the amount of repeat and referral business you receive and your income and profits increase.


Our Signature 12-Month Program

We offer a comprehensive and transformational sales & customer experience program that focuses on the following 3 components.

Increasing the NUMBER of sales you make

Increasing the VALUE per sale

Increasing the FREQUENCY of your sales

Our program is designed to give you all the tools, strategies and support that you could ever need to address these 3 key points.


Our Philosophy

Here at Next Level Selling we are here to shake up small businesses around the globe. Because, quite simply the service most businesses provide is unacceptable and it’s hurting their bottom line.

We’re here to change that.

We’re also here to change the awareness around this fact, because so many small business owners and sales people alike, think that they provide great service.

They don’t.

Here’s a few example’s of what I mean:

Far too many businesses have sales people that don’t lead their prospects through a structured process. The sales people are often being led, which leads to either no sale or a sale with no profit margin in it.

Many sales people don’t show enough empathy or care to make their prospect or customer feel important and understood. Often their communication and follow up is poor to non existent, both pre and post sale, and how prompt they are at getting back to enquiries or e-mails just isn’t good enough.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but how do we know that all of these things mentioned are very common.

Well, aside from working with over 150,000 professionals, that include – sales people, managers and business owners. We’ve also conducted 1000’s of mystery shops on a multitude of businesses across the globe.

The results would shock you.

Or maybe they wouldn’t.

Most small businesses only think about the short term, not the life time value of their customers.

In our program we will assist you to change this mentality and put simple yet key elements in place, so you can benefit from both repeat and referral business. Whilst also providing you with new, fresh ideas and strategies that can increase your sales today.


Our Experience

Over the last 25 years we’ve been in various roles in sales, management and delivering thousands of training & coaching sessions.

The late Jim Rohn stated that ‘Success leaves clues.’

After learning from the best, being coached by great coaches, studying human behaviour, training over 150,000 sales and business professionals, and becoming a conversion specialist, the experience we will share with you is literally priceless, and could be worth an absolute fortune to you and your business.

Understanding people, what makes them really tick, how to get the best out of them (thinking of you and your staff here), and knowing the triggers of why people buy, can only enhance your sales results and profits.


Done for you systems

For business owners who feel ground-down by the relentless demands of running their business, there is usually one vital ingredient that’s missing. And that’s having good systems in place.

Having customised, well understood systems make it possible to free yourself from your business. They make it simpler for you to take regular holidays and to work hours that keep you feeling happy and on top of things.

We’ve invested substantially to provide our members with up-to 340 one page blueprints that are common to most businesses. And, as an ‘Elite’ Member you can get access to all of them!

You and your team can start using them straight away, saving you countless hours in developing them for yourself.

What’s more, because they’ve been used by hundreds of businesses before you, you know they are tried and tested. You can feel confident they work.

And did you know, a business that operates successfully without being fully dependent on its owner is worth five times more than one that doesn’t?

Good systems are the proven way to break free of the shackles of your business.

With Next Level Selling, you’ll avoid the time, cost and trouble of developing your own set of systems for your business. There is untold value to be gained in this aspect of Next Level Selling alone.


Access to other specialists

One thing we’ve learn’t over the years is that if you want to get better at something, simply find people who are getting great results in that area and learn from them.

Whether you want to improve your golf game, your health, fitness or your sales and overall business. Finding experts in the area that you want to improve in is a very smart move.

That’s why included in the ‘Pro’ and ‘Elite’ packages of our program, are trainings and interviews with other experts in their field.

Being super effective in all aspects of sales and business often requires other skills, such as – Being organised, which can include: prioritising a to-do list, having zero e-mails in your inbox, networking skills, apps, and other tools to assist you in creating your very own ‘Premium Customer Experience.’ You and your team will get access to monthly, live sessions, on topics such as those highlighted above, plus a lot more other key topics.

You will also receive, the often missing link, learning the how.

What do we mean. Well, for example, you will learn how to use the apps and tools properly, so you get an immediate result. Too many sales professionals have CRM’s and other programs that they don’t fully understand and therefore won’t use properly.

Btw, in-case you or your team aren’t able to attend the live sessions, all of the sessions will be recorded so you can watch them when you are free.



Too many training companies deliver their content and then you don’t see them until the next training session. Not with Next Level Selling.

Through our program, no matter what package you join at, firstly, you receive a 1 hour ‘Fast Start’ Strategy Session. This is followed be a structured on boarding process, that we call the 14-day ‘Fast-Track Your Success’ course.

The ‘Pro’ and ‘Elite’ packages also receive 50 group coaching sessions over your first 12-months, 6 laser, one on one coaching sessions, plus unlimited phone and e-mail support.

On top of all this the ‘Elite’ package members also receive personal mentoring and direct contact to conversion specialist Adrian Law via Voxer.



We understand that it’s easy to get distracted by life, so both the ‘Pro’ and ‘Elite’ members receive 8, group accountability sessions to keep you on track.

Every 6 weeks we’ll help you create an action plan, and then in the accountability sessions you’ll have the chance to both refine and set new goals, plus share your wins with your peers and other members.

We understand that it’s easy to get distracted by life, so both the ‘Pro’ and ‘Elite’ members receive 8, group accountability sessions to keep you on track.


Blended learning

People learn in different ways and here at Next Level Selling we want to give every kind of learner the opportunity to live out their full potential.

In the past, whilst some resisted online training, due to COVID-19, many of us were forced to change the way we conduct our business, social life and the way new information is delivered to us.

That is, we’ve got used to using mediums like Zoom, and the studies show that many businesses have realised that their staff are being more productive than ever before, and plenty of these same businesses are saving big dollars as a result.

Now with our own studio, Next Level Selling still deliver 2 live, in-person ‘Boardroom’ events per year. And we also provide you with over 1000 training videos, templates and fill in the blank sales scripts, in our private, members only area, that all new members get access to, not matter what package you come in at.

On top of that, both ‘Pro’ and ‘Elite’ members receive weekly and monthly ‘live, online trainings’ that you can access from your home or office.

This mix of training and coaching in our program is a recipe for your sales success and you and your team are going to love it.


Brain food to support your growth

All members receive over 1000 fantastic training videos that cover sales, overcoming objections, the customer experience and a myriad of other business related topics.

You also receive templates and fill in the blank sales scripts.

And, as part of our ‘Pro’ and ‘Elite’ packages, we also gift to you some of the very best business books ever written, in an 8 page summary format.

Easily absorb these phenomenal resources, and if that’s not enough, we’ll also provide you with the audio book too.

Enjoy these whilst driving your car, sitting on the bus or train, or whenever you have downtime.


Value for money

To put the investment amount of our program into perspective, Adrian has regularly charged $1000 per hour for his coaching. Now, he wants to work with small businesses and help as many as he possibly can.

Remember the main focus is to help you grow your business in 1 or more of the following 3 ways:

1. To increase your sales
2. To increase the value per sale
3. To increase the frequency of your sales

If any of these 3 things interest you, when you see what the investment for our program is and the massive value you receive, it should be a no brainer for you.