You don’t.

A great way to know for sure is to have mystery shops conducted within your business.

Next Level Selling is very experienced in overseeing quality mystery shops and we also provide points of difference in the delivery.

If you think about the analogy of an iceberg for a second.

What sits above the surface, and what most mystery shoppers do, is provide a checklist of feedback on what the sales person did or didn’t do in the sales process.

However, just like an iceberg, the most impactful elements are below the surface.

That’s why we call this experience – The Iceberg Effect

One key difference we provide, is that after personally working in Direct Selling, Retail, Telecommunications, the Automotive industry & training many other industries, for a combined 33 years, Next Level Selling understands what makes an effective in person sales process, along with the vital elements required for a successful incoming phone call and responses to your internet enquiries.

Therefore, we know exactly what should and shouldn’t happen in each of these processes.

We also provide you with unbiased, detailed feedback on how we felt during our interactions with your staff and how we were treated by the sales person.

Also, included in the report is what the sales person did well, what they need to work on to improve, and our recommendations to move forward.

But it’s not really about this either, is it?

At Next Level Selling we believe that it’s every business owners and General Manager’s right to know that their business reputation is being strengthened by the daily efforts of their staff members

In sales, you want to know that your customers are being treated well and everything possible is being done by the sales team to turn your business enquiries into purchases today, and your customers become advocates of your business and repeat buyers in the future.

Want to know if your sales team are providing the service that you want and need them to?