Next Level Selling’s
Membership Program

Adrian Law has worked with over 150,000 sales and business professionals from around the world. Too many of the small business owners Adrian has spoken to in recent times, struggle every day with very real challenges.

Many are frustrated by their sales results & their sales teams behaviours, and are living in fear of the impact COVID-19 has and may have on their business in the future.

Some of the frustrations include:

Having inconsistent sales

(Good months, bad months, high performers, low performers, sales slipping through the cracks and not being followed up properly.)

A lack of hunger and motivation in their sales people

(Only doing the bare minimum and not showing the desire to get the results that you want.)

Complaints from customers regarding their pre or post sales experience

(Complaints often hurt but remember, most people don’t complain, they just don’t go back.)

Not evolving or adapting quickly enough to new technology and the new ways of doing business

(This is a must because business as we knew it has changed forever.)

Whilst their fears include:

Competitors taking business

(This hurts, especially when you know your business could and maybe should outperform them.)

Business going in a downhill spiral

(This can be very difficult to experience.)

Having to let sales staff go

(The hardest part for many..)

Losing everything they’ve built

(Nobody wants this..)

This might sound scary but it’s very real, and these same owners are often drained and exhausted by the relentless demands of driving sales and having to look after other parts of their business too.

It becomes difficult to escape and trust others to perform without you being there to drive sales.

Others feel overwhelmed by the pace of change that’s taken over the business world, and confused about what they need to do to respond.

And many feel quite lonely and isolated in their business, with the worries and responsibilities falling solely on their weary shoulders.

It’s a challenging concoction and if it sounds familiar and you’re in the thick of it, it’s incredibly hard to see a way forward. But there is an answer, a real solution, and it’s called Next Level Selling.

Next Level Selling is a cutting edge program for business owners and sales teams that takes away many of the headaches that you experience in sales.

It also gives you the tools, strategies and support to overcome the very frustrations and fears that you experience.

‘From the very first training you’ll notice a shift. Just like a simple spark that can create a huge fire, you will have laid the foundations for your sales results to explode’

People who experience Next Level Selling’s program quickly make sales that they wouldn’t have done previously. Something shifts inside of them. And it will for you too.

When you take that first, small step you’ll also have a great team in your corner, one that’s committed to your success.

That feeling you get when you know you’re on the right path, will be yours. The feeling that brings out the very best in you and others around you.

You’ll also discover ways to automate a lot of your sales processes and gain a bigger picture of what’s truly possible for you and your business.

And you’ll be surrounded by other successful business owners and sales professionals. Positive people create a an empowering environment. This alone can transform your business, as it has done for many others.

“As you associate, you become.”
Jim Rohn

But there’s even so much more to this program.. 

Throughout these pages you’ll read the stories of many other business owners and sales professionals who once felt exactly like you do today. Frustrated, overwhelmed, and hungry for something better.

By getting access to all the benefits of Next Level Selling’s program, they’ve been able to achieve an outstanding level of success, both in business and personally.

Many have gained the respect of their peers by gaining consistency in their sales results and therefore dramatically increasing their bottom line profit or income. 

Or finding a smarter way to operate that freed them from being a prisoner to their business.

Some have become market leaders or won awards for their sales achievements and their customer experience.

Who will win our ‘Best Customer Experience’  prize this year?

Will it be you?

We’ve even had people we’ve trained come work with us. You only do that when you’ve had a great experience yourself.

Being in sales and business can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why we launched Next Level Selling, to elevate the frustrations that you and your customers experience, and to provide you with the strategies, tools and support to create a sales department that rocks, so you can enjoy an easier, more fulfilling life whist getting the sales results that you deserve.