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Did you know that each fruit and vegetable has its own unique signature? It’s true—each one is particularly good for specific parts of the human body. I’ll dive into that shortly, but first, let’s talk about wellness, energy, and health. Because without your health, you’ve got nothing.

Health Statistics

First, let’s look at some stats. The U.S. has the highest obesity rate in the world, followed by Australia and the UK. It’s ridiculous, given the food we have available and our health systems.

Key Factors: Education and Habits

There are two simple things that mainly determine whether most people are healthy or not: education and habits. By education, I don’t mean formal schooling, but knowing what’s in our food. And habits—those daily routines that shape our health.

Personal Story: The Mocha Surprise

Let me share a personal story. I’ve never liked coffee much, but I started drinking mochas. One day, my daughter found out that the mocha I was drinking had 54 grams of sugar. That’s over 13 teaspoons of sugar in one cup! I was shocked.

The Power of Education

Education is crucial here. Some people don’t care and drink soda with over 10 teaspoons of sugar. But think about what happens when you give a child a sugary treat—they go berserk, right? Adults don’t show it as obviously, but we still get those sugar highs and lows.

I highly recommend watching ‘That Sugar Film’ by Damon Gameau. It shows the effects of sugar on the body and mind. Damon ate the average amount of sugar Australians consume, and it changed his body and mind drastically.

Reading Labels and Hidden Sugars

Understanding what’s in your food is essential. Many so-called “healthy” foods are packed with sugar. Low-fat options, for instance, often contain more sugar. Always read labels carefully, even though they can be misleading.

Building Healthy Habits

Now, let’s talk about habits. I’m on day 11 of a 15-day detox. I do this once or twice a year to take my health to the next level. I feel amazing, and it gives me an edge in both sports and business. Damon Gameau mentioned that when he ate the average amount of sugar, he felt foggy and tired. He said most people feel this way daily and think it’s normal, but it’s not. We’re designed to eat well and feel great.

Starting Small

Building good habits can change your life. Start small if you struggle with giving up coffee, soda, or fast food. It’s not about giving things up but replacing them with healthier options. For example, I craved coffee initially, but after a few days without it, I didn’t miss it at all.

The Signatures of Fruits and Vegetables

From ancient times, people believed that the appearance of a fruit or vegetable indicated its benefits. For instance, a sliced carrot looks like an eye and is good for your eyesight. Red grapes resemble red blood cells, kidney beans are good for kidneys, and tomatoes are heart-healthy. One of my favorites is the avocado, which looks like a pregnant woman when cut in half and is excellent for pregnant women. It even takes nine months to grow!

Remember, I’m not saying you can’t have any junk food or drinks. Start with some education and small habit changes, and build from there.

That’s it for today’s episode of ‘Driving Inspiration.’


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