How Your Eyes Effects Your Profits

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Have you ever thought about the power of your eyes and how that impacts your profits?

They say that our eyes are the window to our souls but that's not what we're gonna talk about right now. We're talking about how your staff looks at you and how that impacts your bottom line (or profits).

For example, you have an excellent set of skills and you would not have gotten anywhere today without them. There will be certain things you do exceptionally well, that you find effortless to do. Whereas, when other people look at you, they might find those things extremely difficult.

Adrian went to a local club one day, playing snooker.

I'm in a flow and playing really well. Several of the guys are watching me, and then one of the old boys asked me a really interesting question. He said, “Adrian, what do you see that we don't?”  I thought about it for a second, and I replied – “I don't see what you see.”

Adrian then explains that in Snooker, he knows exactly what shot to take, and how to play it, and is able to think a few shots ahead.

There's plenty of things that I'm not good at, however, I am good at Snooker, I'm very good at Sales and Strategy. I'm excellent at getting the best out of individuals and people. I've got the patience for that. I've got the knowledge and expertise.

The way your salespeople and managers look at your business is crucial to your bottom line. Currently, you may be getting an okay, or even a decent result, yet the way your staff looks at their role, and their department could easily limit the possibilities and what you could be achieved. That's why you need an expert who is very good at those things.


Remember the power of your eyes.


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