It’s Your Choice

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  • [0:000:17] Intro 
  • [0:35] I. Adrian's book “I Need To Change A Couple Of Things” Chapter 1: It's Your Choice
  • [0:45] II. What does “It's Your Choice” mean?
  • [1:44] III. Tips. Tip no.1
  • [2:50] IV. Tip no.2
  1. Adrian's book “I Need To Change A Couple Of Things” Chapter 1: It's Your Choice
    We choose a lot of things than most people realise. You choose what you say or do next, what you focus on and even your attitude towards situations. For example, it's been rainy lately. It is your choice to be upset about it or improvise activities you can still do in rainy weather. So the question falls, what are you focusing on when speaking to your clients? Because that's your choice.
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  2. Tip no.1
    Smile. We may not realise this, but smiling improves our performance. When we do our daily activities, it still falls under our choice of perspective. Doing a sales call, why not enjoy the process? You can enjoy the most menial tasks as well just by putting a smile on your face. Have some fun with it.
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  3. Tip no.2
    Breathe. We're already doing it naturally, but more often than not, we don't realise how tense we can get with our tasks. Take your time. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. You're likely to listen to your customers when you relax a bit. They feel more understood, and you will build a better connection that way.
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