How to get “Sales Hungry”

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  • [0:00] Intro
  • [0:08] I.What is hunger? And how do you get it?”
  • [0:14] II. What “hunger” means
  • [0:48] III. How do you get “hunger”
  • [1:35] IV. Relying on big deals will make you lazy
  • [2:05] V. Have clear goals

How to get Sales Hungry? But firstly, ask yourself these questions. What does “Hunger” mean? And, how do you get it?

  1. What “hunger” means

    Hunger can mean anything that you desire or crave. This could also mean you hunger for goals and targets and want to be better overall. There are different ways to define “hunger.”
  2. How do you get “hunger”
    So, how to get ‘Sales Hungry'? You get the “hunger” when you have a reason to. A reason to work hard, a goal you want to reach, a responsibility you set up for yourself and more. It is those situations that keep you busy.
  3. Relying on big deals will make you lazyDo not rely on your big sales. It's crucial to be not dependent on such “big deals” because we subconsciously depend on these deals to give us a fulfilled goal. Too often we rely on the big deals and as we ease off, we happen to not get the sale. Before we know it, we're behind the eight ball.
  4. Have clear goals
    As long as you have a clear set of goals, you are guaranteed to get that “hunger” for success. Those top performers around you, they're always busy. They keep following up and they keep improving. But, it's also about getting into that habit because having a short-lived work grind ethic means you are not hungry enough for success. This is what it takes on how to be ‘Sales Hungry'.

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