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It's important to know specifically who your product or service is for and also who you want to work with.

It's important to know specifically who your product or service is for and who you want to work with.

“What's the benefit of that, Adrian?” Well, even though your product or service may be for lots of different people, I can guarantee that there are going to be certain people that it's more suited to and other people that it's not as suited to. So, the more specific that you can get with who your target market or ideal customer is (sometimes known as an avatar) then the easier marketing becomes.

And if you look at the second part of my statement…

there and who you work with, if you're very clear on who you work with and who you don't

…often, it can make work a lot more enjoyable. Makes sense? Excellent.

So, a lot of people ask us about this but I'd like to go through our ideal client model here at Next Level Selling so you can see who we're suited to working with and who we choose not to work with. Would that be okay? Would you like to see that? Fantastic. Let's have a look.

So what we've got here is a bit of a model and at the bottom of the model is what we call DIY. So, these are actual customers. DIY can be businesses or individuals, but it's do-it-yourself. So in reference to training, education and so forth, you'll see that on the screen here. Any training that these people have is usually internal. What does that mean?

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