Important Challenges

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  • [0:000:26] Intro 
  • [0:27] I. Managing your downtime
  • [0:42] II. Doing the fundamentals consistently
  • [0:48] III. Why are these points challenging
  • [1:46] IV. Analogy out of Snooker
  • [5:22] IVa. Flashy tricks do not guarantee you to be a top player
  1. Managing your downtime
    Everyone has experienced downtime while doing tasks. It may be that your customer or client does not reply immediately. This is an important challenge to yourself of how you can manage your downtime. Make use of that downtime or “free time” to finish off other tasks or come up with a better solution.
  2. Doing the fundamentals consistently
    The second important challenge to yourself is consistently doing the basics or fundamentals of your work. It may get repetitive, boring or monotonous, but consistently doing your tasks
  3. Why are these 2 points challenging
    If you're not making enough sales, that means you're not making enough money. That is a good reason to start with but there are other situations that will challenge you, like being bored. These two points will challenge you to be more productive.
  4. Analogy out of Snooker: Downtime and Fundamentals
    Adrian narrates a story about how he managed his 3 hours of downtime at one competition. He then explains how he was able to do his fundamentals by mixing up. Because of COVID, he couldn't play with other people. So he set up a Personal Best scoring system instead of playing with others.
    Adrian's Scoreboard4a. Flashy tricks do not guarantee you to be a top player


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