Sales Motivation

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Did you have a shower this morning? I hope so. What's this got to do with the topic today, Sales Motivation?

What I want you to do is think of sales motivation, like having a shower.


Did you have a shower yesterday? Again, I hope so. That's how often we have to implement sales motivation to your sales team or yourself.

If you're selling, just like you have a shower, I probably have two or three showers a day on average. And that's what you've got to do with sales motivation. Whether it's yourself or your team. We need that injection, that motivational shower to keep us inspired and on track. Now, it's easier said than done.

Where do you find the time? Where do you find the content?

Well, that's what you get experts like us in for. That's how you get to the next level. But to give you a few tips on how you can do this.
1) Motivational videos. There are so many out there. We've got a library full of them. If you need any help with that,
2) Focus on what you are doing well and what your staff (if you have them) are doing well, and comment on that during the day, rather than what they're not doing right.

It's so easy and being in this industry around sales, management and training for so long now, a few decades. I see it's so much easier for managers to focus on what their staff are doing wrong, if you like, rather than what they're doing right.

But that's not motivational at all.

Often people love the pat on the back, even if it's something small, like turning up on time. “Thanks for being here,” “Thanks for doing that,” “Thanks for picking up the litter.” It doesn't matter how small. Acknowledging what people do well is so, so vital. And what's the third thing that you could do? There's many, but just to give you three today is to keep people motivated.

3) You've got to find out what it is that makes them tick.

What's important to them? You see, oftentimes, managers and business owners, think that it's money that motivates their people in our team, and for some, yes, it may be. But often it's not. Again, that recognition can be much higher on the list in the studies. Somebody might want to spend time with their family or pick their child up from school. So you could give an incentive to give a few hours off or a day off, or an afternoon off, rather than the extra cash. That could actually motivate somebody much more than the money. It may not motivate you as much. But your staff are not you. You've got to tailor those things. I'm sure you do this to a certain degree, but let's really get into this, and you'll see the results. It's phenomenal.

So, you've got the three things there. But sales motivation is just like a shower. Please do it regularly. Keep clean, keep fresh and keep inspired.


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