Why Every Business Should Have a Sales Training Program Australia

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Sales Training & Coaching + Why You Should Consider a Sales Training Program Australia


Scenario 1: Delivery of Sales Training 

Typically, a trainer will run an in-person presentation to the staff members of an organisation. After that, the trainer leaves.

Insights: If the training is really good, one or two top performers will use what they've been taught and benefit from it.

However, most of the content delivered isn't implemented by the majority of attendees.

Scenario 1a: Sales Training and Coaching

Same as above but this scenario may include a coaching component.

Insights: After training, providing ongoing coaching to the attendees has been proven to increase results dramatically.

Note: The organisation and importance of follow-up coaching sessions are paramount to their success. Too often staff members are on a day off or with customers and the coaching session gets missed.

Scenario 2: Sales Training and Coaching (Both in-person & Online)

In this scenario, it also has an online training component.

Insights: If used well, online training can be a very cost and time-effective way to make sure your team is trained well and up to speed with the skills they need to do their job.

Prior to March 2020, online training was still up for debate because too many staff members didn't use it, preferring in-person training.

However, due to COVID-19, most of the workforce is now much more comfortable with using such platforms as ‘Zoom', and learning online is the new norm.

Note: When online training is compulsory E.g. Manufactures training. The comprehension of content is minimal to non-existent and is often used to simply tick a box of completion.

Now, let's look at the benefits of a sales training program in Australia.

Scenario 3 – Sales Training Program

A comprehensive sales training program should incorporate all of the up-side of the previous scenarios, with a minimum, if any downside.

An effective sales training program should include weekly live, online training & coaching, pre-recorded videos, audio, templates, word tracks, book summaries, blueprints, and in-person events.

All of these components need to be designed to inspire and up-skill both you and your staff, to make you much more effective and therefore produce more sales with more profit.

Click Here to see a great example of such a program

It's important to note that developing yourself and your team is paramount to your success. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the most effective way for your own circumstances and business.

Adrian Law 

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