3 Ways to Grow Your Business

In over 25 years of being in sales, around sales, in management, and also in training, I've discovered that these are just three ways to grow your business.

In fact, there are only three ways that you can actually grow your business.

Let's take a quick look at what they are.

The first way is to increase the number of customers that you have.

That doesn't sound like rocket science, does it? But there's a couple of ways you can do this.

One is to increase your current conversion rates.

That is if it takes every four people you see to sell one product or service.

However, if you have a good sales process put into place and it's followed religiously, you might be able to get that to a one in three conversion rate or perhaps one in two.

Therefore increasing the number of customers that you get.

Another way would be to increase the number of leads that are coming through the door or via email or via phone.

That would be another way to increase those customers too.

Ways to Grow Your Business

The second way is to increase your value per sale.

Now there are various ways to do this, but one would simply be to sell with value not price.

And therefore create more profit in each and every sale that you make.

There's plenty of others. but that's just one example.

The third way is to increase the frequency of how often you are making sales.

This might be getting customers that you've already sold to become repeat purchases.

So, they're buying from you again and again and again.

There are processes and strategies to increase the likelihood of that happening that are very simple to implement.

Ways to Grow Your Business

Another way is to increase your repeat and referral business.

That is having processes in place to get your current customers to refer others to you.

When you do that, people that are referred tend to be easier to sell to and you also tend to make more profit because there's the trust factor there.

So, there are three ways to grow your business.

Just imagine for a second how good it will feel if you had each of those three things.

Image this..

You've increased the number of customers that you're getting. the value per sale is also increased and the frequency of how often you are making sales improves.

What difference would that make to your life?

What would happen to your business?

How about for your friends and family?

The lifestyle that you will lead. It is an amazing feeling.

But before we get there, we have to look at first what can get in the way.

Now, the most common frustrations that business owners experience is the following:

One is a lack of hunger in the sales team and not maximizing sales opportunities.

This relates to the guy with the burger and the ice cream.

I can't tell you how many times we've spoken to business owners or managers and they're just so frustrated that the hunger is not in the sales team.

It's just not there and they're missing opportunities.

What about this?

Sales are slipping through the gaps.

Does that happen for you?

Another frustration is that salespeople are just doing the minimum, and they're not even doing the basics well.

They're just getting away with what they can to get paid and get through the day.

They are not going the extra mile.

It's extremely frustrating.

Maybe for you, your team is on Facebook, or texting, or on other social media platforms.

Whatever it is that's distracting them, you get inconsistent sales performance.

Ways to Grow Your Business

Inconsistent Sales?

How is that for you? Do you have good months and then bad months, and it's a little bit like this?

Imagine if you could have consistent months where you're actually improving month on month.

I understand sometimes, depending on what industry you're in, there may be seasonal changes. But imagine for the most part that you have really good consistency in the number of sales that you're making.

So, you can easily predict what's going to be happening in the future.

The final one on this list at least is inconsistent motivation levels.

In fact, in a recent survey that we did to business owners and managers, it came out in the top three.

So it's inconsistency again, but this time in motivational levels.

Also, what the managers and owners shared with us, is that it's really draining, constantly feeling like you've got to motivate the team to get them to sell.

Do you experience that yourself?

If you do, it's not a, not a nice feeling, and any internal training can often get missed because you get caught up doing other things.

Ways to Grow Your Business

What else?

So what about you? What about other frustrations or challenges that you currently have?

Please let us know in the notes below or send us an email.

I'd love to know what they currently are to see if we can help.

There is a solution to all of these frustrations and applying the three key ways to grow your business, that we talked about earlier.

The solution is called – Next Level Selling's Transformational Sales Program.

You see it's designed to do three things.

  • Increase your number of customers.
  • Improve your value per sale.
  • Increase the frequency of your sales.

Does that sound familiar?

That's because every single thing that we do, all the content we have, every strategy, every process, every system is designed to help you with those three things.

If you would like to know more information, please contact us at the following address. Support@nextlevelselling.com.au – or website.

In fact, have a look at our website.

Please have a look around.

There are some excellent free resources there as well.

And, just so you know, all future content that we put out, whether that's via our blog or via social media.

It will all be in reference to improving those three areas.

I hope you found this interesting. I hope you benefit from the information and I look forward to speaking with you again.

I'm Adrian Law. Bye for now.

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