How to Attract New Customers (Part 1)

This video focuses on what the so-called ‘Experts' often don't. Yet, Adrian Law shares how this one thing is more reliable, it can give you more consistency, and better results. How to Attract More Customers is a must-watch if you want an easier, simplified way to build your business.


So, how do you attract customers?

Magnets are powerful. A magnet in your own business that attracts all the customers you want. So that's what we'll be talking about today.

Firstly, when people think about attracting more customers, they often think about advertising, marketing, and having a presence on social media, all those types of things are front of mind. And whilst those things can be very effective, and certainly helpful, that's not what we're gonna be talking about. There's something much more powerful, stronger and consistent. But most businesses fail at this.

Most salespeople do not do a good job of this at all. There are three little keys to remember, but it's all around one main topic: Customer Experience.

Customer Experience

Not to be confused with customer service. Customer Service tends to happen after a sale has been made. It can happen before, but the customer experience is much bigger and more in-depth. And this is from the first contact, whether that's from the customers themselves or your business reaching out to potential customers.

Customer Service

When the customer first makes contact, whether that's online or offline throughout the entire sales process and well beyond, if they become a customer—excellent. But then there's the follow-up the relationship building. It's showing that they've made a good decision, doing things to keep them for a customer for life. Whereas, if they haven't purchased maybe it's just simply not the right timing yet. So there needs to be a follow-up sequence again to build that relationship. And when the time is right, they become a customer of yours and more importantly, they're telling lots of other people because of the customer experience by itself.

If it's an outstanding one, we call it: premium customer experience.

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When it's top-notch, that's when the business becomes effortless because word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful. Would you agree 100%?

But what we're looking at here is not providing a good experience because a lot of you give a good experience. But the question is, is it excellent? Could it be better and if it could, then that's what we're going to talk about.

You see, the problem here in Australia, and in many other parts of the world, customer experience is not great.

This is part one of “How To Attract More  Customers.” Please stay tuned for Part 2.


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