What to do After a Busy Sales Cycle


What to do after a busy sales cycle?

If you know anything about swimming pools, you'll know that they should not be full. What's that got to do with your business?

Well, just like the four seasons we have each year, you would have a sale cycle in your business.


Depending on what industry you are in, it could be seasonal it could be not. But you will have busy and slower periods, and it's fair to say sometimes that's gradual. Sometimes, it's quite dramatic. So the question becomes: what can you do in the times after your busy cycle?

There are 3 tips on what to do:
  1. Conduct Mystery Shops
  2. Fill your tank
  3. Introduce new different ideas into your business

Mystery Shopper

What are mystery shops?

If you hired a trusted organisation, they make these phone calls and internet inquiries to see what the interaction is like. To see how the customer feels, and see what the salesperson did to didn't do. And they give you a report on that tip.

Fill Up Your Tank

Fill your tank

If you use the analogy of a car, that has either no petrol in it or very little. If it doesn't run very well, it can cause all sorts of problems. The same is true for you and me if our tanks are empty. What do I mean? Well, if you're sleep-deprived and haven't been eating well, you don't have the spark. That can cause all sorts of health issues as well. So in the quieter times, I really recommend you to take a break, giving your sales team a break. Maybe a day off here and there can do the trick. And when you come back to work, hopefully, you've got the energy back. When you've got your spark back, you will treat your customers exactly how they need to be treated and make those extra sales.


Implement different ideas into your business

Whether that's motivational, fun, or team bonding it's a great time to do that when things are quieter because we tend to miss these things when we're so busy.


I'm actually writing a three-hour workshop called 49-1%ers and the 1%ers are the little things you can do in your business that you can implement straight away that covers these three areas. So for example, if you knew your sales team were doing the right thing, you perhaps didn't need to the mystery shop them. If they were recharged, they were inspired, and if they also got some new cutting edge ideas that were implemented to mix things up to make it fun, would that be worth three hours of your time?

If you said yes, details are: it's FREE!

Good news.

It's live and online. It's important to note just like the swimming pool being too full. If you're too full in your business, it can overflow and when it overflows, there's all sorts of problems that can occur. You can lose your star people, you can burn yourself out in so many different health issues.


What I recommend is go through the 49 – 1 % workshop. You can implement what it is that you want straight into your business to get those outcomes and a lot more. It will improve your sales. It will improve your morale also. The link is below.

Click here for the link.


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